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Best Practices and Efficient Technologies for Smart Irrigation

Stirling Electric & Irrigation invites you to take part in Smart Irrigation Month this July.

We encourage everyone to take part in water conservation efforts through responsible irrigation practices and promoting efficient systems that enhance your landscape. Have you ever seen a sprinkler system running while it’s currently raining? “Set it and forget it” irrigation systems, while convenient, can lead to instances like this where precious resources are being wasted and are less effective in beautifying your property.

What Does Implementing Smart Irrigation Look Like?

  • Rain Sensor Installation
  • Upgrading to a Smart Controller
  • Utilized Predetermined Watering Programs
  • Routine Professional Irrigation Inspection
  • Early Morning Watering Schedule
  • Installing a Flow Sensor
  • Utilize Water-Efficient Products
  • Routine Sprinkler Adjustments - Hit Your Mark!
  • Garden Mulch Upkeep
  • Using Drip Irrigation Where Appropriate