Rainwater Harvesting

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The demand on our aquafers for municipal water needs and farming crop irrigation has increased significantly in the recent years. This is caused by population growth, increased food demands and the need for thriving landscapes. Catching, storing and using rainwater to supply water for some or all of your water needs can reduce our need for municipally treated water. Rainwater harvesting also reduces the storm water runoff from a property preventing flooding and leaching hazardous chemicals in our yards into local creeks and lakes.

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Rainwater Catchment System

Rainwater catchment systems can range from small rain barrels to large scale interconnected tank systems or in ground collecting basins. While there are consistent principles to rainwater harvesting, our systems are evolved through our knowledge, experience and the latest technology. We provide customized rainwater harvesting systems that are optimized for your collection area and give you the most convenient method of using rainwater to maximize your savings and reduce your environmental footprint.

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What Our Clients say About Us!

"The Stirling team designed and installed a comprehensive rainwater capture system at our site that includes a filtration system to make the water potable, storage tanks, and redirection for the newly potable water for us to use in the kitchen and for drinking. They left us with an extensive operation guide to trouble shoot, but also remain on call to fix anything. We couldn’t be happier."

-Gracie Cavnar, Founder of Recipe For Success Foundation & Hope Farms

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What Is Rainwater Catchment ?

Rainwater catchment involves collecting rainwater run-off from a structure, typically the roof. The rain will collect in gutters which will channel the water to downspouts, through a filtration system and then into a storage vessel. Rainwater harvesting systems can be as simple as a rain barrel or as extravagant as large cisterns that supply water to an entire house.

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Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater is a clean and completely free source of water. Harvesting rain water gives the home or business owner complete control over the water supply. Rainwater harvesting helps the environment by promoting self-sufficiency and water conservation. Systems are very flexible and can provide a wonderful backup water source.

Stirling’s Rainwater Catchment Methods

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Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are one of the most common rainwater harvesting systems and the one people tend to be the most familiar with. The system works by installing a barrel beneath a downspout. They are very easy to install and don’t take up much space.

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Dry System

A dry conveyance rainwater harvesting system is the preferred method by many. This system has the least amount of components, fewer problems of leaking pipes or freezing pipes. The design of this system typically consists of a large tank or barrel installed directly under a downspout. Water is usually filtered through gutter leaf guards or first flush diverters to trap any unwanted debris before entering the tank or barrel.

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Wet System

The wet conveyance rainwater harvesting system is typically used in warmer climates where freezing is not common. Tanks are generally located away from the house or building and this requires the installation of a water tight piping system installed above and underground from the gutter downspouts to tank location.

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Capture and Filter

When filtered correctly rainwater water that is collected can be used as potable water to supply house water demands such as laundry, dishwashers, drinking, showering and toilets. Toilets contribute to almost 30% of water use in every home. Installing a 3 stage filtration system and ultraviolet treatment to the water will remove any harmful toxins and microorganisms.

Maintenance Services Include :


Annual System Check


Filter Replacements


Pump Upgrades

If you are considering installing a rainwater catchment system, we’re here to help. Contact the pros at Stirling Electric and Irrigation today to get started.

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