Many homeowners desire to illuminate their landscape at night, but many conventional light sources create a harsh glare that is not conducive to ambiance or curb appeal. A lighting method called moonlighting involves soft lights placed very high in trees or structures, mimicking the gentle silvery glow of moonlight. See below for more information on moonlighting and Stirling's recommendation on fixtures.



Just like the moon shines down on your property all night long, you can utilize moonlights to illuminate your yard throughout the night. The softer glow of the lights will not be a severe irritant to you or your neighbors the way other lighting sources can. Additionally, moonlighting creates a space that is safe to navigate while discouraging unwanted intruders from trespassing as it has been proven lighting deters crime.


Out with the Old, In with the LED 

The evolution of lighting has come a long way in recent decades with the industry moving away from traditional mercury vapor lamps to LED lighting. Mercury vapor lights are the oldest type of High-Intensity to have been mass produced. No longer manufactured, mercury vapor lights require more energy usage - causing higher electric bills and operate at 120V, which requires invasive trenching and permitting by a licensed electrician. Stirling's electricians have retrofit thousands of mercury lamps with LED lighting.



Climbing tall trees is risky, especially without the proper equipment. Hiring a licensed electrician whose job it is to install lights high off the ground is best because they have the proper training, equipment, and insurance. Stirling's electricians are expert tree climbers utilizing ropes and harnesses which reduce the tree damage. Our tree climbers have no limitations on how high they will climb or how far they will reach to deliver the best-in-class lighting position.


Fixture Options 

There are different options for moonlight fixtures. Below are options Stirling recommends and utilizes, including our own custom configured fixture - available only at Stirling Electric & Irrigation.

  • Medium Bullet with Advanced LED Capabilities
  • Moon Vision Lighting
  • Integrated LED Downlight
  • Stirling’s custom configurated LED moonlights - Smaller in size, lighter in weight making it beneficial for tree health. The fixture generates less heat, allowing for longer lamp life. Maintenance is reduced as the fixture placement on the tree allows for growth to go unimpeded.

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