Tap Into Savings with a Separate Irrigation Meter

Do you feel like your water bill is leaving your wallet high and dry? You're not alone. Many Houston homeowners are feeling the strain of high-water bills caused by the city's increase of water rates by 15% in April 2023 and the sweltering drought this summer. Now more than ever, Houstonians are seeking innovative ways to trim those bloated water bills. The good news is there's a solution that can put you on the path to substantial savings – installing a separate irrigation water meter. In this blog post, we'll explore why adding a second water meter for your irrigation system is a smart choice and how Stirling Electric & Irrigation can help you make it happen.

Understanding Your Water Bill

Your typical water bill comprises two main components: water consumption and sewer or wastewater fees. Most homeowners in Houston focus on the water consumption part when evaluating their monthly costs. This section reflects the actual amount of water you've used during the billing period.

The other half of your water bill is the sewer fee (sometimes referred to as wastewater). This fee covers the cost of processing the water by the city or water provider because it all goes down the drain and into the city sewer system, where it requires treatment. Surprisingly, this sewer fee often makes up around 50% of your total water bill.


The Hidden Truth About Irrigation Water

What your city or water provider might not readily disclose is that irrigation water, which constitutes a significant portion of your water consumption, doesn't flow into the sewer system. Instead, it gets absorbed into the soil. As a result, many cities, including Houston, offer homeowners the option to install a secondary dedicated irrigation water meter that is exempt from the sewer fee. For countless homeowners in the Houston area, this presents an excellent opportunity to significantly reduce their water bills, particularly during the warmer months when irrigation systems work overtime.

2 meters.png

See the Savings

Once the installation is complete, you will start receiving a separate monthly bill for the water that passes through the irrigation meter. The best part is that this water will not be subject to the sewer fee. While this won't reduce your overall water consumption, it can lead to a significant reduction in your monthly water bill. Additionally, it provides an accurate assessment of your sprinkler system's monthly water usage. See below for an evaluation of your potential return on investment after just one year.

Stirling ROI.png

Stirling Electric & Irrigation: Your Partner in Savings

At Stirling Electric & Irrigation, we understand that navigating the process of getting a secondary irrigation water meter installed can be daunting. That's why we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our dedicated team will fill out all the necessary paperwork through the city's Taps and Meters Department, pull the required permits, handle and coordinate all aspects of the installation, and seamlessly connect the water meter to your irrigation system once it's in place.

Don't let high water bills drown your budget. Take control of your irrigation water expenses by installing a second water meter. Contact Stirling Electric & Irrigation today to explore how you can start saving on your water bills while ensuring an efficient and accurate irrigation system.